They say "seeing is believing" and with the copper bracelet I purchased from you folks, it is true. I have read and heard of the many advantages this metal offers, but was a skeptic until I stumbled across your establishment. You not only were able to fit me with one that is very comfortable, but you are very knowledgeable as to copper's many values that   I was impressed enough to give one a try.

In a nut shell, my knees were in very bad shape (probably from sports in my younger years). They were able to predict the weather, and kneeling was out of the question--even in Church. After buying a bracelet on a Wednesday, my knees started feeling different. By that Saturday, things had progresses so well that I found myself on the floor playing with my dogs. Now with no problems, the only problem is that I can no longer tell when it is going to rain unless I watch TV.

I have told many other folks about what copper has done for me and several have tried it and they say "it works!"

Thank you very much!


St Louis, Missouri

My husband and I were in your store mid-November. We live in Manitoba, Canada. My husband bought a copper bracelet with magnets from you to see if it would help the tendonitis in his elbow. He was scheduled to begin physiotherapy when we returned from our vacation.

Guess what? He hasn't gone for one physio appt! His bracelet has done miracles- even given him back the feeling in his finger tips which has been progressively turning numb over the past several years.
We are happy to have happened upon your store and have given your website info to his niece who is suffering from arthritis.

Thanks for your excellent product.

Thanks from Canada

I purchased a magnetic/copper bracelet from you on June 17, 2007. Being on vacation during this time, I first thought it might make a great souvenir from Branson. I have not taken it off  my wrist since. I was kind of skeptical about the claims of relieving arthritis pain, and seeing  how I have that pain not only in my lower back but in both knees, I though, why not give it a try.

I haven't written sooner because I wanted to make sure the outcome was not just in my head. But I have to tell you that it really has made a great difference in the amount of pain in my knees. It has reduced the pain at least 75%!

I know your other customers will think like I did, that there is NO WAY this will work. And I can assure all of them that I am not related to you or on any kind of commission for endorsing your products, but for myself, it does help and it's better than what the doctors are suggesting for me.

You have my permission to use this mailing and my endorsement.

Sincerely Fred

My wife and I stopped in your Branson store a while back and purchased a couple of your copper/magnet bracelets. My wife got the #728 Grapevine and got the #768 Copper Sage. I was hopeful that some of the claims made in your literature were true but I also was a little skeptical. Well, I am happy to report to you that my circulation has greatly improved and the pain in my elbow and shoulder is almost completely gone. we are sold on the medicinal properties of the jewelry.

Also, we have a lot of contact with the public and have received many compliments on the way the jewelry looks. You were very helpful and we are recommending the jewelry to others.

Russ & Kathy

Thank you so much for getting both of my bracelets to me so quickly. I love them both and plan to alternate them on my left arm. I always wear my "Copper Anchor" bracelet that I purchased from you in October. I had a splitting headache that day and thought I'd give the bracelet a try. The headache was too far along to tell a difference that weekend. I will tell you that after wearing the first bracelet all week to work and then not putting it on during the weekend, I had a headache. I know it was due in part to not having the bracelet on. Since that weekend I keep it on all the time and only remove it to shower. I will wear one of the two new bracelets during the day. I haven't had any bad headaches since wearing the bracelets all the time. I'm a believer in the magnetic copper bracelets. I'm sure you'll get more orders from me in the near future. The bracelets are beautiful as well as helpful in the headache department.

Thank you very much!
Paula Tate


I have never written a testimonial for any product in my life. However, I want to break this long-standing tradition and relate to you my experience with the copper bracelet I purchased from you shop. My wife, mother-in-law and I visited your shop during our last trip to Branson in November 2007.

For years, I have read and heard of the health benefits of wearing copper jewelry. Unfortunately, I did not know how much that could be believed.

For years, I have experienced intense pain in my hips and down my legs, sometimes all of the way to my ankles, throughout the night. This pain has resulted in very poor sleep patterns during those years. This pain affected my legs sufficiently that it would take several hours after arising before my legs recovered from the pain experienced throughout the night.

After discussing the bracelets and the benefits of copper with you for some time, I purchased bracelets for my wife and myself. I believe my mother-in-law purchased a ring. I had no real expectations when I purchased the bracelets. If nothing else, they were very nice pieces of jewelry.

An hour or so after putting the bracelets on, both my wife and I felt very strange sensations in the arm upon which we wore the bracelet. Beginning with the first night which I slept wearing the bracelet, it has had an amazing impact upon me.

The pain was gone! I still experience some pain in my hips on occasion. It bothers me a little at night, but not to the extent that it interferes with my sleep. I no longer have the pain extending down my legs during the night. This has been a tremendous relief to me. As I stated, I have suffered from this condition for years and I assumed it was the way it would be for the rest of my life. It is nice to experience pain-free nights once again.

I wear my bracelet twenty-four hours every day. In fact, I have only taken it off briefly a few times to clean it. I have extolled the virtues of this bracelet to many people. I have referred several people to you. I have not heard that any of them have purchased a bracelet; however, I have been recommending it to quite a few people.

My wife, mother-in-law and I will be in Branson again this coming November. I imagine we will visit your shop while we are there. We always stay around the corner from you at the Branson's Best Motel on Green Mountain Drive.

As I stated, I have never provided a testimonial for any product. However, I am so impressed with the impact my copper bracelet has had on me that I wanted to share this result with you. Feel free to use this as a testimonial from a very satisfied customer, should you wish to do so.

Thank you,

Robert W. Gable

Just wanted to let you know that I received the bracelets today 12/19/2008. Thank you so much for your prompt response to my order and e-mail. The bracelets are absolutely beautiful. I couldn't be more pleased. I will be doing some advertising for you, and seeing is believing. Thanks again and a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours.

A fan of your jewelry already,
Robin Herd, Perrin, Texas

My husband and I both own one of your magnet bracelets we bought at your store when we were in Branson, I lost my old one, and have been without one for about 6 wks, sure can tell. I just found your website, so I cant wait to get my new one. I have sent many people to your store, and sometimes we are not sure if they work or not, and all we have to do is take it off for a couple of days and sure enough, we can tell, our testimonials begin again , and these are also really cool looking jewelry, and we like to use jewelry towel, they always look brand new, and we always get compliments on it. cant wait for new one.


We visited your store on our last day in Branson, you were feeding the cats. we bought a bracelet for my husband and myself, and just wanted to let you know that he wears his all the time and said he has not had a headache (which he had often) and also his knees do not hurt anymore. We enjoyed meeting you and it was very nice when I opened the bag and found the pens and mints. I also wear my at all times. Hope this finds you well and Thanks again.

Jim and Lurline Getzloff

Was out in Branson in 2006 with my wife visiting my brother-in-law who is a local. We stopped by your shop and I bought your copper bracelet it was the best money I ever spent in my life…….see I was diagnosed with a debilitating auto immune disorder in 1991 and had been taking some real harsh medicine, Celebrex, n-said of every kind, methotrexate, not to mention being shot with cortisone pretty frequently. Oh yes and the occasional hospital iv of mega doses of anti-biotics……well I’m here to say that in the past five years I have gotten completely off all those medicines, much to the chagrin of my Rheumatologist who finds this recovery beyond belief and so do I. I can’t say what the bracelet does, I only know it works. I thank you for giving my life back to me!

Thank you,

Mike Tabor

Crisfield, Maryland


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